Shop Drop Awning / Rope & Pulley Awning

The simplicity of a rope and pulley or shop drop awning makes it perfect for almost any opening where it can be attached across the top. It is an attractive, easily operated and affordable awning which adds privacy and protection from wind, sun and rain whilst maintaining your views, increasing functionality of your outdoor areas, openings and to your home.

The awning’s fabric is operated using a ┬árope which is fed through pulleys at the top of the awning. Using this system the rope can be pulled or let out, raising and lowering the awning respectively. The fabric is secured at the top and rolls onto a roller and out of the way as the awning is raised and therefore not in use.

This awning can have optional zips at the sides to add increased strength and protection from the elements. This is also one of the few awnings which can have a sloping top for those odd shaped openings, under the eves or when your house has moved.

The fabric options for this type of awning include acrylic, canvas, mesh, and clear or tinted PVC. These come in varying degrees of translucent and in full block out options. there is a wide variety or striped and plain fabrics to suit most homes and businesses.

Always roll up your awning in high wind and stormy conditions.