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About Us

Budget screens and Awnings is a local business established in 1978, as a branch of Budget Home Improvements (established in 1976, in Tweed Heads). We became an independent business in 1980 and changed our name to Budget Screens and Awnings. The current owners purchased Budget Screens and Awnings in 1986.

Budget Screens and Awnings employ local people in office, sales, design, manufacture and installation of products. These products include privacy, insect and security screening, blinds and awning products.

Budget Screens and Awnings proudly service the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Our showroom and our factory are located at 9 Krauss Avenue, South Lismore, NSW 2480, where we invite you to come experience our range of quality products on display and talk with our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff. Alternatively give us a call to discuss your options and arrange for us to provide you with an obligation free, onsite measure and quote.

Measured, Designed, Manufactured, and Installed (Full Service)

  • What is the process for this service?
  • What else can you tell me about the service?
  • What things do I need to consider?

What is the process for the Measured Designed, Manufactured and Installed service (Full Service)?

This is a three step process:

  1. Measure & Design
    • Obligation free service.
    • We come to your location.
    • We measure and install in clusters (driving patterns) – lowering the overall cost to you.
    • Convenience, we arrange times which suit you and us.
    • We can come before or after normal work hours on some days (varies from week to week) to suit those who are working or avoid school pick up and drop off times.
    • We bring samples, brochures and a highly experienced designer.
    • We inspect and measure the place you would like our product.
    • We design the product to fit your application.
    • Includes non-standard and standard sizes
    • Landlords: We can and do make arrangements through real estate agents and tenants.
  2.  Manufacture
    • Your product is manufactured by us, you do not need to be involved in this step.
    • Most of our products we make ourselves shortening the supply times.
    • Those products we do not manufacture ourselves are mostly made in Australia at more specialised facilities than ours, ensuring high quality for you.
    • You are welcome to ask our measurer / office staff how well our factory is keeping up with current demand and they can give you an idea of how long it will take for your product to be made. Our aim is 10 working days or less for products we make however this is affected by seasonal demand.
  3.  Installation
    • When the product is ready to be installed we will ring you to arrange a convenient time to install the product.
    • We send our Installer to your place to install your new product.
    • You may or may not be required to be home for installation. We will discuss this with you when we ring you to make arrangements.
    • The last part of this step is payment.
      • You are welcome to pay some or all of your balance before installation. We still guarantee our work if payment is received early.
      • Our Installer will have your invoice/receipt with him which contains all payment details. If you would like this earlier please contact us and we will send it to you.
      • We accept EFTPOS (over phone as well), cash, cheque and direct deposits.
      • You are welcome to pay our fitter by cash, cheque or by providing your credit/debit card details to be processed when he returns to the factory.
      • You can pay at any Westpac bank branch, our details will be on your invoice.
      • You are welcome to post a cheque to 9 Krause Avenue, South Lismore, NSW, Australia 2480.
      • If you pay online please include your quote number or invoice number as well as your last name as the description.
    • Occasionally things don’t fit as planned. When this occurs we have a system to rectify these errors but this can mean rescheduling installation to a later date.

What else can you tell me about the Measured Designed, manufactured and Installed service (Full Service)?

    • If you do not understand your quote, we are more than happy to talk walk you through it.
    • Please take care to ensure the choices including colour etcetera that you have made are detailed on the quote.
    • The people we send to your home are highly experienced.
    • We have nearly 40 years of service since 1976.
    • Convenient and not as expensive as you might expect.
    • Prices include installation and G.S.T.
    • Firm Prices for 21 days.
    • We keep your measured quotes on files for many years, allowing us to re-quote at current prices. Repricing after this period does not require a second measure and quote.
    • We only change our prices if there is a change in costs to us after the 21 days.
    • You can take the time to reflect, ask questions and discuss options, which is often easier after the initial measure and quote.
    • We will make the product and then contact you for installation. We do not pretend the product will be ready and then ring to tell you it’s not when you have already made plans.
    • We take responsibility for the design, transportation and the installation of the product.
    • We guarantee our sizes and the installation. If it doesn’t fit when we go to install it, we take it back and fix it.
    • Products are guaranteed by us with the support of our suppliers for 12 months. SupaScreen grill is guaranteed for 10 years by our supplier.
    • Over 90% of our customers choose this convenient and affordable option.

What things do I need to consider when choosing the Measured Designed, manufactured and Installed service (Full Service)?

    • It’s best for a ‘decision maker’ to be there for the measure & design because there can be multiple products that serve the purpose you desire, and the same product can have different options/variations to choose from. Different products and options on products, change the way they are measured and designed. Discussing which product you would like at the time of the quote allows us to design and price the best product for you.
    • We Measure and Install in clusters in your area lowering the cost to you.Dividing installed quoted job lots into smaller purchases is OK. However we do need to pay our installers for the second trip out, so please keep this in mind. For small jobs (jobs under $250) there will be an extra charge to cover this cost.
      • Examples of Typical Drive Cluster Patterns for Measurer and Installers
        • Clunes, Byron, Ocean Shores, Bangalow,  Ewingsdale, Mullimbimby, Federal, Dunoon OR
        • Casino, Kyogle, Bentley OR
        • Coraki, Evans Head, Woodburn, Wardel, Ballina OR
        • Wollongbar, Alstonville, Ballina, Lennox Head OR
        • Goonellabah, Mcleans Rides, Bexhill OR
        • Lismore, Nimbin.
      • Areas beyond our regular radius may be arranged please contact us.
    • If your reason for dividing jobs is you are waiting on your next pay check, then let us know. We will delay installation by this time frame, meaning our installer makes one trip, saving this cost for you.
    • Balance will need to be paid on the day of delivery, or prior to delivery.
    • This service is slower than Supply Only – D.I.Y as Full service takes a little longer for the measure and install in clusters – lowering the overall cost to you.
    • Less hassles and less stress than Supply Only – D.I.Y as we take care of the design, measurements, transportation and installation. None of which are included in supply only.
    • We do not design & measure for you to install. This is because the way we intend to install the product may be different to how you install it, and this can mean that the product does not fit. We only guarantee our measured sizes if we measure, make and install.

Click Here To Contact Us for more information about our Measured Designed, Manufactured and Installed Service (Full Service)

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Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) Service (Supply/Manufacture Only)

  • What is the process for this service?
  • What things do I need to consider?

What is the process for the Do It Yourself – D.I.Y. (Supply/Manufacture Only) service?

This is a two step process (normally – step one occasionally requires multiple trips to the showroom or multiple phone calls)

  1. You contact the business and provide measurements, design specifications and information with regard to the product you wish to purchase. You then pay a deposit of at least 50% of the purchase price. This step includes:
    • You designing the item to suit your application.
    • You measuring your opening or location for your item.
    • You providing us with measurements, in millimetres (not centimetres, meters, feet or inches). These measurements will be product size (not opening size).
    • We provide information and assistance in the showroom. this includes hints with sizing for when your not so sure.
    • You selecting which product you would like including:
      • The type of product
      • Optional extras (tracks, fixings, screws, rivets, clips, packers, build-out) which you may need from us to install your product with.
      • If you require alternate options, eg different meshes or internal/external controls.
      • If you have questions please contact us. If you can, please take some photos and bring them with you when you come in to discuss your options.
    • Hints
      • Copying and rebuilding old or damaged products? (eg fly-screens) bring the old bent or broken items with you.
      • Want to fix a broken part? Bring the broken part or sample with you – the whole part if possible (wheel AND carriage) the more you bring the easier it is to identify.
      • Take a photo and bring it with you. If using digital cameras take many from different angles with close ups and full products.
      • Bring measurements and diagrams with you
      • If it’s all too much and you would like some serious help go for the measured and installed service. it takes all the hassles away. Else call us we might be able to answer your queries.
  2. You come to our factory and collect the item, paying the remainder of the balance before leaving. This step includes:
    • Payment for the item.
      • You will be given an invoice when you place your order if you order at the showroom/factory. If you order through another form of communication we are happy to send you an invoice or for you to collect it when you collect your product.
      • We accept EFTPOS (over phone as well), cash, cheque and direct deposits.
      • You can pay at any Westpac Bank branch, our details will be on your invoice.
      • You are welcome to post a cheque to 9 Krause Avenue, South Lismore, NSW, Australia 2480.
      • If you pay online please include your quote number or invoice number as well as your last name as the description.
    • Collecting the item from our factory/showroom means travelling to South Lismore and transporting the item home.
      • Please keep in mind that some products can be quite large and may not fit into your car.
      • It is your responsibility to secure your item safely so please bring materials (like ropes and support boards) to tie larger items to roof-racks.
      • You can arrange a freight company to pick up your item for you. If you arrange a freight company then you will need to pay for your item before it is picked up by the freight company. Please let us know your intentions to do this so that we are not confused when the freight company arrives. For an extra cost we can package your item in a freight-friendly manor but this does not guarantee there will be no damage during freight and we do not take responsibility for this.

What things do I need to consider when choosing the Do It Yourself – D.I.Y. (Supply/Manufacture Only) service?

    • Minimum 50% deposit required. It is preferable that the whole balance is paid as this allows for speedy pick up, pick up by a freight company or pick up after outside hours.
    • Products are made to YOUR sizes. These need to be in millimetres.
    • You are saving the cost of the measure and install services.
    • Sizes are finished product sizes NOT opening sizes.
    • Quicker than Measured and Installed. We do not measure and design for you to fit, if this is required we encourage you to take advantage of the full Measure service.
      • depending on activity in the business at the time, the size of the job, this and can be quite quick if the stock is in-store, hours to a few days.
      • you will still have to wait if the product is made off premises for us by a wholesaler
    • Can you get to our factory / Showroom to pick up goods? (it’s in South Lismore)
    • Do you have a suitable vehicle for transporting the product home? / Can you transport the product, safely?
      • You provide the packing and tie down
      • We take no responsibility for how a product is loaded padded, roped or tied. Large items do catch the wind so they need to be tied securely enough that they don’t fly off or buckle during the ride home.
      • You need to load the product onto the vehicle yourself. Consider damage potential to the interior of your car or vehicle if items are loose. Some items can have corners that catch on seat or roof fabrics, consider using a towel as a buffer.
      • Driving slowly home doesn’t always work. Consider the wind from an oncoming truck. It can cause products to buckle and bend.
      • Consider bouncing on dirt/potholes. this can bend products especially if overhanging the vehicle. Support products along the entire length.
    • Do you understand the product? Do you have the right tools?
      • have you chosen the right product for the job
      • and therefore how to size it properly
      • have you knowledge of design :- the clips, pins brackets, tracks, and available suitable accessories change product sizes and specifications
      • how to install
      • what fixings are required
    • Several trips to factory is an expense to you, both in fuel and in time, that could be saved if you had the full measure and installed service.
    • Whilst we give advise, ultimately when you choose to do it yourself, you are responsible for the outcome.
    • We charge for remaking, we can not always recover materials.

Click Here To Contact Us for more information about our Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) Service (Supply/Manufacture Only).

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Repairs & Parts

We offer repairs and parts through both our full service and our supply only services.

  • With our installed service you need to book into our measurer’s diary and have the work quoted before work is commenced. We will then send our installer to complete the work at a later date. Payment will be due at the completion of work.
  • If using our supply only service a 50% deposit will be required and full payment will be due at the end of work. We encourage you to bring in the old part or product for two reasons if this is not possible then measurements and photos may be required. the reasons are as follows:
    • We can sometimes make like products, such as copying a bent fly-screen.
    • The old part/product can be used to identify a suitable replacement.
    • Normally this service will take less than 5 working days assuming we have the required stock. If we do have stock and the item can be repaired on-site then these repairs will generally be within 10 working days. If the product cannot be repaired on-site and needs to be sent to one of our suppliers then times will be subject to their current work demands.
    • If it is a simple small repair (for example re-meshing a single ripped fly-screen) it may be possible to complete the work the same day it is ordered. This is only possible if the item is dropped off early in the morning and collected late in the afternoon and cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the workload of the manufacturers. If you would like this service please call ahead of coming in, (preferably at least the day before) to let us know that you are coming and to ensure we have enough stock to complete the job.

Please consider the following for both services.

  • If you would like to buy replacement parts and we do not have them in stock we can sometimes order them in. This can require time and research to identify the part you need and to source the part. This search may not be a successful as some older parts are no longer produced. You may need a new product.If you have a part which needs to be ordered in and you need it ASAP. We may need to charge you the delivery fee that our suppliers charge us. If you can wait for the delivery of the part and the supplier is one of our normal suppliers, we can get the part delivered with our normal deliveries and will not charge you this fee.
    • If using the full service option and the measurer recognises that parts cannot be sourced then the measurer will measure, design and quote for new products whilst there.

Click Here To Contact Us for more information about Repairs and Parts.

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