Automatic Awnings

Automatic roll-up awnings are a robust awning which are specifically designed to protect windows from heat and glare. They are available in a wide range of fabric options and colours to suit most modern or heritage homes and businesses. They can be pulled up or down in a simple one-handed operation, and lock at any given point along their guides. Automatic awnings retract into a roll which can be sheltered in an optional weather-box. A wavy valance is standard; a straight valance is also available.

Colour coordinated weather box(optional), control arms and bottom rails are available in colours or can be powder coated in any colour to match or contrast the awning and/or your house. End fittings are a black UV protected PVC material. Arms come in three standard lengths, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and 450mm. Longer arms are available on request. These arms are designed to assist in both the easy operation of the awning and hold the awning away from your home enabling air flow around your awning. Arms and guide rods are optionally available in stainless steel.

The fabric options for this type of awning include acrylic, canvas, mesh, and clear or tinted PVC. These come in varying degrees of translucent and in full block out options. There is a wide variety or striped and plain fabrics to suit most homes and businesses. Guides are available in optional 316 grade stainless steel, maximising corrosion resistance. These arms are screwed to your wall or posts and allow for the smooth and easy operation and automatic locking action of the awning.

Always roll up your awning in high wind and stormy conditions.